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Product Description – Raw Material for Rubber Industry

Raw Material for Rubber IndustryVRL is one prominent   Manufacturers & Exporters of Raw Material for Rubber Industry. We are   an ISO 9001-2008 certified in tyre retreading industry and provides high quality tyrer products. We manufacture raw Precured Tread Rubber, Cushion Gum, Vulcanizing Solution, curing envelope etc. These are required for tyres retreading process in automobile industry.

We are Raw Material for Rubber Industry and in tyre retreading process we used rubber products. In this process first of all tire coming from the customers are cleaned casing of tyres are inspected and select whether this tyre is suitable for retreading or not. And then selected tyres crown areas is buffed and we changed its texture. Then buffed casing is mounted on the tread building machine. And then we applied Cushion gum on buffed area and then tread rubber is applied using rollers. In that manner our Rubber Product are used inRaw Material for Rubber Industry for all vehicles tyres and we provides our clients these tyre rubber products at reasonable price.


  • Excellent Tackiness
  • High Scorch Safety
  • Good Tensile Strength
  • Easy for filling
  • Superior Elongation Properties
  • High Adhesive Strength
  • Longer shelf Life

 Various   Raw Material for Rubber Industry

Camelbacks for Truck, Bus and OTR

  • Orbitread strip
  • Repair Ropes
  • Cushion Gum
  • Sidewall veneer
  • Precured Tread Liner
  • Rubber Solution / cement


Business type of Raw Material for Rubber IndustryManufacturer and Exporter

Areas covered Raw Material for Rubber IndustryIndia and International

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