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precured tread rubber suppliersVamshi rubber limited is leading Precured Tread Rubber Suppliers. Precured Tread Rubber is manufactured using finest natural & synthetic rubber and also supplying pan India. Also we used high-tech carbon black. We manufactured our Tread Rubbers to keep in mind and tracking latest marketdesigns & developments i.e. after doing research and development and offered an extensive range of 

 We are Precured Tread Rubbers Suppliers and when tyres are used then this Rubber helps in protecting tires and worn off and reduced the traction. And this precured treading process ensures us for better performance of vehicles with increased durability & working conditions in terms of comfort, traction, long life and fuel economy. These Tread Rubber is very easy to install and require less maintenance. Precured Rubber we also used for old tires for providing them new life. And we customized these products as per vehicle requirements.


  • Tears & cuts resistance
  • Open tread design
  • Gives good mileage
  • Excellent Chipping and chunking properties
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Superior Ageing properties
  • High Tensile Strength
  • Good Elongation property
  • Long Lasting in nature
  • Good Traction

Business type of Precured Tread Rubber Manufacturers in India Company: 
Manufacturer and Exporter

Areas covered by Precured Tread Rubber Manufacturers in India Company: India and International

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