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Product Description- PrecureCushion Gum Manufacturers India

 Precure Cushion Gum Manufacturers IndiaVRL is one of the leading Precure Cushion Gum Manufacturers India. Our Precure Cushion Gum is constitutes of natural and synthetic rubber, black carbon and chemicals of good quality. We are using latest technology for making Precured Cushion Gum. We are using best moulds for giving best finish to the Cushion Gum.

Precure Cushion Gum Manufacturers India is used as under treadbonding gum for vulcanizing the precure tread to the casing. Curing is done when heated air is produced in chamber using electricity. At that time layer of vulcanized rubber pads are applied onto the conveyor. And also act as a splicing gum which helps in repairing material for buzzouts& exposed cords. We manufacture Precure Cushion Gum in India and it is appreciated by our clients because it is having building tack, over cure and excellent heat resistant properties. That’s why because of curing properties our Precure Cushion Gum is highly appreciated in the markets and available at reasonable prize.


  • It is having very good tackiness
  • High Scorch Safety
  • Having good Tensile Strength
  • Superior Elongation Properties
  • High Adhesive Strength
  • Longer shelf Life
  • Durability
  • Binds the tread for longer duration
  • Good finish

Business type of Precure Cushion Gum Manufacturers India Company: Manufacturer and Exporter

Areas covered by Precure Cushion Gum Manufacturers India Company: India and International

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