Curing Envelope Tyre Retreading Manufacturers

Product Description– Curing Envelope Tyre Retreading Manufacturers

Curing Envelope Tyre Retreading ManufacturersVamshi rubber limited is fabulous Curing Envelope Tyre Retreading Manufacturers. These are specially madefor retreadingindustry inretreading process to resist high heat pressures & temperature over tyres which increases the life of tyres and provide these curing envelope at market leading price and we make our clients happy.  And Tyre Retreading Curing Envelope are used during tire retreading process to retread old tryres and make them new.

We are Curing Envelope Tyre Retreading Manufacturers and these curing envelopes helps in creating vacuum between the envelope & interior surface of a tire casing. We made up this curing envelopetyreretreading with the finest Butyl Rubber Compound using advanced and latest technology and checked the capability of tyres at very high temperature and whether they are having wear and tear properties and whether they are very sensitive., possessing the ability to withstand high temperatures used in retreading processes, In production house, we adopts moulding technology so our envelopes is not having any joints and ensures about that air is not leaked.


  • Our Curing envelop has no joints which ensureits air tightness.
  • Curing envelope can fit  the tyre tightly
  • Help the good moulding of finished retread tyre.
  •  It overcome the shortcomings of tradition envelope.

Business type of Curing Envelope Tyre Retreading Manufacturers Company: Manufacturer and Exporter

Areas covered by Curing Envelope Tyre Retreading Manufacturers Company: India and International

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