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Curing Envelope Manufacturers IndiaVRL is one of the qualitative Curing Envelope Manufacturers India. Curing Envelopes are used during tyre retreading process for covering thetyres. It is used because it helps in creating the difference of pressure between tread& buffed surface area, so we ensure about perfect curingtotyres. While during retreading of tyres the tyres are wrapped with Curing Envelope Manufacturers India before tyres are loaded into chamber during the process.

We offer Superior Curing Envelope Manufacturers India and they are made from high quality Chlorobutyl Rubber for getting rid high heat pressures.  We offer high level of flexibility, durability and even we use it repeatedly.They are in different specification according to the client requirement and depending upon the sizes and design of tyres.


  • Our Curing envelop has no joints which ensuresits air tightness.
  • Curing envelope can fit  the tyre tightly
  • Help the good moulding of finished retread tyre.
  •  It overcome the shortcomings of tradition envelope.


Business type of Curing Envelope Manufacturers India Company: Manufacturer and Exporter

Areas covered by Curing Envelope Manufacturers India Company: India and International

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